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Chat Widget

Embedded and pop up chat window

Frankentext helps each embedded chat window. You can allow pop up and set the name for it for your account Control Panel.

Embedded mode is enabled through default. While speaking to your stay chat agent, internet site visitors can limit it and retain surfing your internet site. The chat consultation will continue to be lively in the meanwhile.


Chat window position and resizing

The role for embedded chat window will depend upon the chat button role which may be set for your account settings. However, irrespective of wherein the chat window is loaded, your clients can drag it or resize to make stay chat revel in extra clean and pleasant.


Customizable pre-chat and offline forms

With bendy customization opportunities, you may upload fields and create custom drop-down lists for your pre-chat and offline forms. You also can set online and offline chat window titles in addition to edit a greeting message which your clients see after clicking the stay chat button.


Rich set of chat theme colors

You can select out the chat window subject and color to be able to suit your internet site appearance and feel. A huge variety of colors is to be had for every subject’s palette and you may preview modifications earlier than making use of them for your account.


Files transfer

Files may be effortlessly despatched with assist of unique clip icon in the toolbar or easy drag-n-drop.


Chat transcript sending

Whenever the chat transcripts sending option is enabled on your website, a form will appear before the chat survey and give your customers the option to email themselves the chat transcripts.


Screenshots sending

If your clients wish to send screenshots, they don't have to save a document then switch it. It's as simple as pasting a photo onto the chat straight from their clipboard.

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