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Privacy Policy

At Frankentext, we respect your need for online privacy and protect any personal information that you may share with us when using Frankentext Services, in an appropriate manner. Our Privacy Policy is designed to explain how we collect, store, use, disclose, process, and transfer this personal information. For the purposes of this Policy, the term "Services" shall refer collectively to applications provided by Frankentext, website https//www.frankentext.com, localized domains, successor URLs and all subdomains.

If you are visiting a third-party website or service that uses Frankentext chat widget and communicate with this third party while being on messenger.frankentext.com subdomain, Frankentext will temporary collect and process personal data on behalf of this third party, with subsequent forwarding of the data to the third party. In this case Frankentext acts as a mere conduit for data transmitted between third parties, without determining the purposes and means of processing such data. We encourage you to review privacy policies of each specific third party prior to providing your personal information to them through Frankentext chat widget. We are not responsible for and do not control the privacy practices of any of our customers. In this Privacy Policy we list the types of data that may be collected while you are using a third-party website that is using Frankentext Services.

Types of Data We Collect

Account registration data - names and e-mail addresses of yourself and your colleagues, as well as your company name, address, phone number and other contact details that you provide when signing up or customizing your account.

Payment details - credit/debit card information if you select this payment option among others.

History of your communication with us - chat transcripts, e-mails, phone calls.

Automatic technical data - IP, location, your browser/operating system/device details, pages viewed, items clicked, time spent at any part of our Services.

Information from third-party platforms (Frankentext Blog only) – public profile information gathered from social media sites, any interactions with our content on these sites, such as “Likes”, views and shares.

Information shared on our blog – your name and e-mail required to leave a comment on a blog post or to subscribe to our blog, as well as any other information you explicitly make public when submitting a comment.

Other data that are necessary for the operation of the Services and are not specifically listed there. Any collection and usage of such information is done in accordance to this Privacy Policy and The Privacy Shield Principles.

Data shared through Frankentext Services on third-party websites or applications

If you are visiting a third-party website that is using Frankentext Services, Frankentext will temporarily store and process automatic technical data, such as IP, location, browser/OS/device details, pages viewed, time spent on the third-party website and any other details the third party had collected before and decided to pass to Frankentext. This data will be stored by Frankentext only while you are staying on the third-party website and will be automatically destroyed when you leave.

If you use the chat widget provided by Frankentext on a third-party website, all the technical data mentioned above, as well as any information shared by you during the chat, will be temporarily stored by Frankentext for the duration of the chat session as a part of the chat transcript. After the chat is over, the transcript with all the details will be e-mailed to the owner of the third-party website (optionally, according to their preference) and removed from Frankentext system.


Our system creates cookie files on your computer to help provide you with certain features of the Services.

One type of cookie files created by our system is a performance cookie. It is a temporary file that is created when a visitor enters our website or any part of our Services and is removed once the visitor leaves it. The cookie is used to track the visitor navigation through the site and handle a chat session if needed.

Another type of cookie files we use is a functionality cookie. If you come to our website through a referral link, such a cookie file will be created to help us identify which affiliate referred you. It is a persistent cookie that is stored for a prolonged amount of time even after you leave the website. Such a cookie file can be deleted through web browser options.

Third-party cookies and other tracking technologies like web beacons (also known as pixel tags or clear gifs) may also be created by our partners with our permission for the purposes of analytics, marketing campaigns, certain social media functionality in our Services, etc.

All these cookies and other tracking technologies don’t allow us or our partners to collect any personally identifiable information about you. You may choose to deny our own or third party cookies through your web browser settings, but certain features of our Services may become unavailable or non-functional after that.

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