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Operator Management

If you've got numerous operators handling your assist line, it may take a few attempts to install their profiles and keep the entirety organized.

There are some functions to help you to control your operators in the maximum green manner.

Division by departments

No matter what plan you have, you can set up departments for your account. Then, you can assign a single or multiple operators to each department.

Clients have an easier time contacting support by choosing the appropriate branch that corresponds with their question. This ensures that the right help person will answer their question.

As an additional bonus, it's advantageous to the support staff. If they're accountable for one or two departments, they will be able to acquire extra particular training and be able to answer questions more expertly than if they are accountable for all departments.


Organizing the operator profile list

In case you have several operator profiles, you might want to format your operator list to make it easier for you to review and edit.

With the up and down green arrows that you see next to each operator profile in the Control Panel, you could sort your list as essential and create the preferred order. You can also drag and drop profiles to reposition them.


Making chats more personal with operator pictures

You can add a personal touch to the chat room by including a real-life image of the agent. However, your chat agent avatars needn't be very unique, you can still use a few common photographs.

For the avatars to look good in the stay chat window, we recommend square pictures of 96 x 96 pixels. These sizes will be fine for the standard-sized messenger window.


Backing up colleagues

Current chats may be transferred among colleagues for higher efficiency. And you do not want to have all your assist sellers on line on the equal time. Some operators can live in the away mode. This will make them invisible to clients and they may no longer acquire any incoming chats. However, they may nevertheless be capable of acquiring chats that are transferred to them through different operators.


Forced logout

It is essential to have forced logout capabilities over your operator profiles and their online presence. It is not unusual for an associate to log in from different devices and forget to log off at the end of their shift.

Their profile will hold getting incoming chats in an effort to continue to be unanswered for hours. To save you such situations, we've delivered a "Forced Logout" feature, which permits the administrator of the account to disconnect any of the operator profiles offline. The operator may be logged out from all of the gadgets or distinct browsers they will had been logged into.


Import from .CSV files

If you're handling numerous operator profiles, doing a brief export from a document could come in handy. At Operators and Departments web page for your account Control Panel click on the link "Create a couple of operators from a spreadsheet" and add your .CSV document.

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