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Live Messaging

Real-time visitor monitoring is an amazing and exceptionally helpful piece of Frankentext live visit framework. Checking results will assist you with get-together insights regarding your normal clients' interest. Try not to pass up on an opportunity to improve your showcasing methodology and increment your business utilizing the checking subsystem of our live talk.

Track your website visitors in real time

View guest's IP address, have name, country, program type, pages visited, referrer address, and other data utilizing observing element of our live talk framework. This data will permit you to all the more likely characterize your promoting methodologies.

The guest you have a current talk with will be featured in green, which likewise makes it helpful to rapidly find the client's subtleties.


Tune Visitor list

All checking information is shown in a perfectly coordinated rundown under Visitors tab in the Agent App. You can adjust the rundown as per your requirements by stowing away/showing certain fields, changing their request, the section width and the organization in which information are shown.

You can likewise pass custom subtleties from your site to the visit control center and they will be shown in a different section. For instance, you can pass the participation subtleties of the client or any data which is accessible about the guest through your site.


See your visitors on Geo Location map

View geographic dispersion of your present site guests on a world guide. New guests, and guests you are right now visiting with, will be featured.


Navigation history

Snap on the "Show" button for a specific guest in the Visitor List, to see the rundown of all pages saw in this visit, alongside the time spent on each page.


This will likewise make a superior impression of your client care

There are numerous ways you can utilize the data about your site guests to offer better assistance to them, however we'll simply give you a couple of thoughts:

  1. By taking a gander at the pages the guest took a gander at and for how long they remained on every, you can conclude whether to offer assistance to them and send a proactive talk.
  2. Seeing the client's neighborhood time permits you to utilize legitimate day or evening welcoming while talking with them and make the discussion more close to home.
  3. Passing client's participation subtleties permits you to accelerate the help, as you don't have to request that they rehash the data which they expect you should as of now have on record. This will likewise make in a superior impression of your client care.
  4. Seeing the subtleties of the client's program and working framework can assist you with quicker distinguishing and investigate any specialized issues they might be encountering with your site or items.
  5. In the event that you are utilizing live talk on various sites, seeing the page from which the client began a visit can assist you with distinguishing which site their inquiry alludes to.

Real time visitor following component is empowered for your record as a matter of course on the off chance that you utilize our Recommended Fully Featured Chat Button Code or some other of our content codes. All content codes support site observing.

In the event that you needn't bother with this component, you can utilize only an immediate connection to your courier to permit clients to interface with you. For this situation, you will see no guest subtleties in your representative application.

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