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Jul 08, 2022

Understand How Live Chat Can Be An Effective Car Sales Tool In 2022

Nowadays, car dealerships have started using live chat software to generate more sales and give satisfactory customer service. As a result, car dealers who have integrated live chat into their websites get a competitive advantage ..
Apr 20, 2022

Top 7 Tips to Integrate Live Chat Process for Car Dealerships

Nowadays, car dealers are integrating live chat features into their official websites. Car dealers can chat with website visitors to convert online traffic into sales. Live chat support also allows for providing satisfactory custo..
Mar 07, 2022

Is Frankentext a good fit for your Website?

What is Frankentext? The simple answer is that Frankentext is a powerful feature that allows visitors on your website to communicate with a web application to your smartphone. However, Frankentext has additional powerful featu..
Jun 04, 2021

Top Live Chat Features for your Business

A company or organization needs to offer excellent and professional service to its customers, no matter how big or small it may be. The majority of consumers nowadays prefer chatting with an agent online to calling. As a result, t..
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