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Understand How Live Chat Can Be An Effective Car Sales Tool In 2022


Understand How Live Chat Can Be An Effective Car Sales Tool In 2022

Car dealerships want to reach the global audience to get customers from all over the world. There are no limitations for getting global customers and visitors since the invention of the internet. Live Chat is not only for car dealerships but for almost every company in every industry. The automotive industry has become technologically advanced in terms of generating sales and communicating with prospective customers.

Thus, car dealerships are going through a digital transformation. It helps them to generate more sales and enhance their customer service. The automobile companies are building websites and social media profiles to create an online presence. It allows the companies to reach global prospective customers by targeting specific groups of the audience on digital media. Nowadays people are searching almost everything on the internet to get instant answers. So that is why car dealerships are putting effort to create a presence in digital media.

Nowadays, car dealerships have started using live chat software to generate more sales and give satisfactory customer service. As a result, car dealers who have integrated live chat into their websites get a competitive advantage in the market. The live chat features make the live chat software robust and provide multiple values at the same time.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how live chat can be an effective car sales tool in 2022. We will let the readers know how to use live chat features to get the most out of it. So let’s start knowing the essential live chat features and the ways of utilizing them.

Know a few statistics about live chat in 2022

It is important to check a few live chat statistics to stay updated with the knowledge. It will help the readers to understand the facts and break the myths of live chat.

According to Gartner, live chat is considered the number one choice for online shoppers between 18 and 49 years old.

ICMI said millennials are 20% more likely to use live chat.

The global live chat market has been esteemed to reach $987.3 million by 2023. (Knowledge-based Value Research) 

According to Software Advice, live chat improves conversion rates by 3.84%.

Invesp said that around 73% of customers find live chat the most satisfactory form of communication with a company.

So as you can see that live chat has the potential to be used as a car sales tool, and it is time for you to know more about it.

Important live chat features you must have in your live chat software

There is numerous live chat software that you purchase but choosing a good and suitable live chat for car sales and customer support is necessary. Not every live chat has the same features that is why we recommend you to check multiple live chat service providers and choose the best one. Your live chat must fulfill all the objectives through online communication.

In this section of this blog, we will mention the essential live chat features that you must have in your live chat software. The information will help the readers to choose the best live chat for car dealerships.

If you don’t choose a suitable live chat then your company will not be able to increase the conversion rate and deliver satisfactory customer service. So, get the live chat features that will prevent prospective clients to exit your car dealership website.

Essential live chat features are mentioned below:

  • Chat widget
  • Live real-time text
  • Operator management
  • Offline form
  • Chat transcript
  • File transfer

Now let us explain the functionalities of each of these features that can be used as car sales tools.

Chat widget feature

The chat widget feature of live chat allows customizing the appearance of the chat box. It also has the option to resize and reposition the chat box to fit into a website properly. The customer gets to see a pop-up chat window when they visit a website that has live chat. The chat window allows customers and visitors to surf through the web pages of your website while chatting with the executives of your company. It is a very basic live chat feature that all live chat software must have. So, make sure to choose a live chat that has a customizable chat window option.

Live real-time text feature 

This feature is the main factor for purchasing a live chat as it allows text to be transmitted instantly as it is typed. It is the major car sales tool to communicate with prospective customers and generate sales. It is because real-time text features help the operators to reply instantly to the customers can engage in a real-time conversation.

Some live real-time text features can also track website visitors in real-time. It can track the IP address of the online visitors of your car dealership website. You can get to know the name of the visitors, their country, and program type. It also allows users of the companies to track which web pages are visited by the audience.

Operator management feature

Operator management is not a car sales tool but it helps to manage the process of using the tools to communicate and generate sales. This feature will allow you to manage the operators who are using the live chat to handle the customers or visitors. By using this feature you can set departments in a single user account. You can assign single or multiple operators in each department. This will help the prospective and existing customers to reach out to a particular branch for a specific kind of query and assistance. Operator management features help the operators to work in an organized way.

Offline form feature

It is not possible for the live chat operators to be present physically all the time to reply to the customers. But customers want instant replies. In this case, an offline form of a live chat can help the operators. When the executives or specialists of a company are offline, the messages from the customers go to the email addresses of the operators. As a result, there is no scope of inconvenience at any time.

Chat transcript feature

This feature keeps records of the conversations between the customers and the agents. For each chat session, the chat transcripts are automatically created. It helps the operators to find a chat whenever it is required in the future. For keeping chat history, the chat transcript feature is useful and easy to use.

File transfer feature

The name of this live chat feature is pretty self-explanatory. File transfer of a live chat allows operators and customers to send files of different formats within a conversation. So, whenever it is necessary to send files, this feature can be useful.

So, these are the most important live chat features that can be used as car sales tools to increase conversion rates.

How you should utilize these live chat features to reach your goals?

As we have already said that the live chat software is used mainly for two reasons and these are:

  •        To increase conversion rates.
  •        To enhance customer service.

To meet these two objectives you need to navigate your prospective customers to take decisions and make a purchase from your car dealership website. You can do this by utilizing the live chat features as car sales tools and customer service tools in the best way possible.

Use the chat widgets to help your website visitors come across the live chat box which is integrated into your website. You can put attractive themes in your chat box to create an impressive appearance. Resize and reposition your chat box to place and fit into your website.

Utilize the real-time texting option to communicate with your customers. Use the chat box to reply to your customers by answering their queries instantly without making them wait for a long time. Craft your messages according to the needs of your prospective and existing customers.

Manage your operators by using the operator management feature of your live chat. Assign them definite tasks and objectives and divide them among divisions. It will help to increase the productivity level of your operators. As a result, you will be able to utilize the live chat more efficiently.

Use the offline form of your live chat to get messages into the emails of your operators when they are offline. If your live chat has a chatbot feature then you can also create automated messages to send them to your customers when the operators are not online. So use the offline form to get messages and deliver customer support 24/7.

Chat transcript can be used to keep the chat history and find out a conversation whenever it is necessary for the future. Also, utilize the file transfer option to send and receive files of different formats.


We have mentioned the important live chat features that you must have in your live chat software. You also got to know the ways to use the live chat features as car sales tools. Now it is your time to integrate live chat software into your website and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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