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Frankentext Solves a Big Headache for a RV Dealer


Frankentext Solves a Big Headache for a RV Dealer

What is Frankentext? 
Frankentext allows visitors on your website, through a chat feature, to communicate directly with you via an application on your smartphone.   

RV Dealer Case Study (The Late Night Call):
An RV Dealer who also rents RVs had a problem.  RVs are typically rented from Saturday-to-Saturday.  Meaning the first night a prospective customer was going to have the RV, when they were going to have the most questions, was going to be a Saturday night.  The rental manager was forced to give his cell phone number to renters so they could call him.  The expectation was that people would only call after hours in case of an emergency.  The reality was that once a customer has your cell phone number, they will call anytime they have a need day or night.  The rental manager was constantly getting calls as late as midnight, generally for minor questions they could have easily looked up online or waited til morning.


How Frankentext fixed this!

With Frankentext the RV rental manager was able to let people know if they have trouble after hours to go to the website and click on the chat feature. 

  1. Frankentext sent the message to the person who was on-call rather than whoever’s cell phone number the renter happened to get.         
  2. Frankentext had the person communicate via text chat vs phone call which was found to be less disruptive to the RV staff while spending time with their family.
  3. When the RV staff was about to go to sleep for the night, they can now turn Frankentext to the “after-hours mode” and view the message the next day.  They no longer have to take middle of the night phone calls that disrupted their sleep. 
  4. When the website is accessed via the customers smartphone, they can take a picture and send it via Frankentext which allows the customer to better explain the issue they are having. 

The dealership converted to Frankentext and obtained the duel benefit of being more responsive to customers as well as being more respectful of their employees time after hours.     

What Businesses are Ideal for Frankentext?
Frankentext works well in industries where the best person for handling sales inquiries for the business does not have all day access to a PC.  Generally, big ticket items like vehicles, machinery, equipment of all types, specialized products.  It can also work well for consulting, or construction where the person handling sales spends considerable time in the field.

If you would like to find out about what Frankentext can do for your website and businesses sales feel free to give us a call or click below and join one of our upcoming webinars.

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