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Why Live-chat Is So Important For Brands?


Why Live-chat Is So Important For Brands?

Let's look straight at the point. The importance of live chat apps cannot be exaggerated. The survey results show that customers are more satisfied with the live chat feature than other communication options such as voice (88%), email (85%), and web forms. (85%), and social media (85%) (Facebook 84%, Twitter 77%).

Surprisingly, this option is not yet available on many corporate websites. Most people believe that a live chat app is just a technique for communicating with businesses and you don't need it as there are other ways. This is incorrect because live chat allows customers to communicate with sellers in multiple ways. It contributes to customer satisfaction by making customers feel valued while providing additional benefits.

According to a Forrester study, more than half of consumers believe that having a living person answer a question during a purchase decision is one of the most important things a company can offer.

Therefore without wasting any more time let’s dig deeper to understand why live chat is so important for companies or brands.

Customers can multi-task

To be honest, if someone hasn't done at least three things at once lately, there's something wrong. Well, we're a little ironic, but you understand the point. Today we are all mega multitaskers, and according to experts, 51% of our customers prefer live chat because they can multitask, and another 21% prefer it. After all, they can shop while working. So let's go ahead and continue what the Mega Multitasker is doing.

Chat bots can give a human touch

With the live chat app, customers can communicate with real living people. This is because there are bots that can imitate human behavior. However, this is arguably the most important advantage, as the conversation in the live chat app is for is human. In digital media, including bots and automation, can be very refreshing to have live discussions with fellow humans. Adding a human touch can bring liveliness.

Real-time convenience for customers

Don't overlook the value of real-time conversations with your customers. According to Forrester Research, 44% of online shoppers are considering having a live agent to get the answer to their questions when making an online purchase. It is one of the most important things a website can offer.

There are two categories of customers who need help and use live chat. Leads or potential customers are in the first group, and the following are the most common scenarios for potential online customers to use live chat.

  •        Do you want to compare products?
  •        Are you having trouble finding a particular item on your website?
  •        Want to know more about product specifications?

These events have a significant impact on purchasing decisions. In fact, live chat sessions have influenced more than 38% of online customers' purchasing decisions. Your present customers make up the second category of live chat users. Below are the most common reasons why people use live chat.

  • Please inquire about the "Return Policy".
  • Check if the order is still processed.
  • like to report a bug or suggest a better service?Would you

Instant feedback & notification

With live chat, you can receive near-instant feedback and important notifications. The feedback helps to understand customers’ perspectives and provides more value to them. Notifications help to stay updated on different subject matters.

Suppose, if a customer is facing any sort of issue and the solutions that your support agents are providing are not working out. The option of instant feedback and notification helps companies to improvise and deliver a more effective solution based on customer requirements. For instance, if something goes wrong technically, clients can inform by sending feedback to the company to identify and address the problems from the client’s point of view.

Reduced customer support cost

There is no doubt that handling customers can be quite expensive to carry out the process of customer support. In traditional call centers or physical offices, customer service agents or customer support operators handle both phone and email requests. It is a process that allows working on one request at a time. However, the benefits of live chat changed the scenario.

As we have mentioned earlier, live chat allows customers to multi-task, it also allows companies to do multi-tasking. This advantage also brings another perk along with it. According to research, customer service agents or customer support operators can engage with multiple chats simultaneously. Depending on the complexity of the issue involved they can prioritize and resolve issues in a short span.

Being able to manage multiple customers at the same time means, a company or a brand can work with a smaller team relatively. As a result, the cost of customer support reduces which helps businesses monetarily by reducing unnecessary expenses.

Build trust with buyers

Retailers get the chance of building a rapport with their prospective customers when they visit a physical store or showroom. This helps them in the sales process by creating conversions. It also allows them to establish trust and make the sale. In the case of online interaction, it is not the same.

Consumers are skeptical of buying a particular product or a service that they don’t know and that is quite natural. That is why live chat can get businesses to have a direct conversation with the buyers which allows for building trust and generating sales. In the world of business, trust is a very important factor. Being a trustworthy entity is most important before heading towards anything else. If a buyer does not trust your company or the products then usually they will not make a purchase. They will also not share their contact details and any other information that can help a business to generate sales. Nowadays, customers are preferring online chat option to get answers to their queries. 

Gain competitive advantage

You can stay ahead of your competitors by integrating live chat into the official website of your company. Offering a live chat option to your customers will bring you the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage over your rivals. We have talked about this earlier at the beginning of this post that, most businesses still haven’t installed a live chat process on their website.

Staying updated can help you to create a remarkable position in the market and industry. Not every official website has a live chat feature so you can take advantage of using the advanced technology and stay updated. Using live chat can be the key differentiator of customer support. You can also offer live chat to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Increase in average order value

The software does not only help in increasing the number of sales, but it also increases the value of sales as well. By conversing with the website visitors can prospective online clients you can understand their needs and determine the suitable products and services accordingly. By using the method of up-selling and cross-selling you can recommend similar products and services to increase the average order value.

For example, if a buyer is looking to purchase a smartphone, your chat support operator can suggest, a phone case, earphones, and other accessories to increase the order value.

Satisfactory customer support

Customer support is a great feature to enhance the overall customer service experience. It is possible because the software has advanced technology that offers different features. The convenience to customers and operators is something worth talking about.

According to a research paper, live chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel. The reason behind this is the efficiency and immediacy of the experience. You can contact in the traditional way of communication, but being in the era of technology we recommend you to work according to the current scenario.

Keep in touch with visitors   

Staying in touch with the customers in the traditional way is often hectic because it requires reaching and communicating with the customers in person. Live chat cuts off these hassles being a digital solution.

Websites that have a live chat feature that can collect information about the customers and turn them into leads.  Before a live chat conversation begins, don’t forget to ask for their contact information. It helps in identifying an existing customer and providing a more personalized experience. If the chat user is not a customer but a visitor you still can get valuable information to turn them into prospective customers. Take the advantage and ask them if they need any sort of assistance or offer them some irresistible deals. You can also promote your products and service with live chat and ask them if they want to stay updated in the future.


The live chat software is not meant for everyone, it is for those people who love to stay updated with technology. Adding a live chat process to your website can get you too many benefits. Therefore, don’t wait and grab the opportunity before reaching the saturation level of the usage of live chat and install the live chat support to get better outcomes. Hope you all excel in your business venture.

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