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Is Frankentext a good fit for your Website?


Is Frankentext a good fit for your Website?

What is Frankentext? 
The simple answer is that Frankentext is a powerful feature that allows visitors on your website to communicate with a web application to your smartphone.  However, Frankentext has additional powerful features that help to drive sales. 

Case Study:
A car dealership has a website with their vehicle inventory listed on the site.  The dealer used a traditional website chat feature, however their key sales staff is rarely behind a desk in real-time to answer customer enquires via their PC.  For the most part these enquiries were simply “lost”.  This was a problem because the dealer found when they were “lucky” enough to be able to engage their prospects questions they were able to answer the person’s question which led to customers coming in for test drives, and test drives lead to sales.  If the dealers sales staff were not available for PC web support many buyers were unwilling to communicate with the sales people. 

The dealership converted to Frankentext, now the chat requests come directly to their phone.  The chat also tells the salesperson what webpage the buyer is viewing to quickly eliminate confusion about the inventory item the website visitor is using. 


Chat Type

Average Connected Communications Per Week

PC Based Chat Feature





Donny the Sales Manager at the car dealership said that it took him a little bit of time to turn texts into test drives, but once he got the knack for it he feels that Frankentext helps the car dealership close at least one additional sale per week.  According to Donny Frankentext is the highest value ROI of any marketing dollar the firm spends.    

What Businesses are Ideal for Frankentext?
Frankentext works well in industries where the best person for handling sales inquiries for the business does not have all day access to a PC.  Generally, big ticket items like vehicles, machinery, equipment of all types, specialized products.  It can also work well for consulting, or construction where the person handling sales spends considerable time in the field.

If you would like to find out about what Frankentext can do for your website and businesses sales feel free to give us a call or click below and join one of our upcoming webinars.

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