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Effective Live Chat Features Of Frankentext


Effective Live Chat Features Of Frankentext

Live chat is an effective form of customer messaging software which is developed in this new era of technology that allows customers to communicate with a company’s representatives. Live chat features are embedded in the system which makes a conversation more convenient as well as meaningful. The development of live chat features has the purpose of making a company’s communication more efficient with customer satisfaction.

For instance, in the automotive industry any car dealer company can integrate live chat facility to their official website in order to increase effectiveness and online sales. This type of advanced technological integration can generate more sales of vehicles, promote special offers and provide 24/7 customer service.

With a single implementation on website the company can enjoy multiple perks with beneficial outcomes. There are chat widgets which is one of the features in Live chat process. Chat widget for car dealer website can allow visitors to chat with the company’s employees. The widget window is highly effective that catches attention instantly.  

Frankentext comes in the scene when live chat system is the subject of discussion. It is one of the established brands that helps numbers of businesses all around the world with amazing customer satisfactory reports. A need to enhance the experience of prospective clients improvised the mode of communication for B2C and B2B companies all together.

In the digital era, the online traffic is high but also very competitive. In order to sustain as a business Frankentext developed live chat method which is more promising to the customers.

 Frankentext & live chat features

The features works as a tool. Undoubtedly live chat features improves the overall online experience of customers. It also helps with customer acquisition and onboarding without any hassle. Gradually it builds a rapport with the customers for the good-will of a company. The customer service productivity increases in no time. The customer support becomes available 24/7 without any worries. Altogether it increases customer engagement with the companies who have integrated the technology on their app or website.

Let’s discuss with the example of a car dealer who have already implemented live chat tech of Frankentext. A car dealer wanted to know the vehicles that are being viewed by their customers. In live chat features of Frankentext a simple customization reduced the confusion in the chat process for better clarity. The chat widget for car dealer website turned out to be very effective and beneficial. It is easy to install the chat widget. The visitors can surf through the website while being on the chat which is an amazing chat widget for car dealer website and others too.

Frankentext live chat tech can help a car dealership company on many levels, from connecting with customers to making sales. Customizable chat widget of Frankentext is one of the features that they are offering. Frankentext is one of the competitive brands in this particular field.

Apart from chat widget, live real-time text is also integrated in the chat process, where messaging happens in real time with no lag. Operator management feature is also perfect for the management system of the chat process. Offline form feature is helpful when executives are not online. Customers can email chat transcript with chat transcript feature in it. Last but not the least, file transfer is an important integration for sending files of different formats. So altogether, these are features that Frankentext is offering to the companies and their websites. We will discuss more precisely later.


Impressions about Frankentext

Frankentext is getting positive reviews from several companies from different parts of the world. This shows the emerging company is strongly committed to their goals. Consulting websites are connecting with customers which is leading to more sales. Car dealers and automobile companies are getting benefitted. They are can see when their customers are browsing vehicles using their official website. This valuable resource is turning leads into sales for the company. As we discussed earlier about how effective car widget for a car dealer website can be. Some consulting companies are preferring text inquires over emails and calls which are time consuming. In today’s fast life, it is convenient to connect with the customers at different level with an ease. Frankentext is making the process easier for companies.


Live chat features in details

The live chat process of Frankentext is enriched with multiple features integrated in it. Each feature has more than one function and benefits. Let’s understand the live chat features more precisely.

  • Live Real-Time Text – It tracks a website visitors in real time with live talk framework. It tracks IP address of guests, their name, country, program type, page visited and other important data which helps to promote in different ways. It also let’s users see the visitor’s geographic location. The feature also includes navigation history tool which shows how much time a visitor spent on what pages of the website.
  • Operator Management – Departments can be set in a single user account. So customization makes it very flexible. Single or multiple operators can be assigned to each department. It becomes easier for client to reach out to a particular branch that they are seeking. Operators can work in a more organized manner. Organizing operator profile list is possible.  Avatars or profile pictures can be set. Current chats can be transferred among colleagues which keeps the regulation efficient. ‘Forced logout feature’ is also integrated which gives permission to the administrator of the account to disconnect any of the operators profile that are offline. Import from CSV files is available too.
  • Offline Form - When executives or specialists are not online, the messages from the customers gets sent to their email address. In this way there is no chance of inconvenience at any time. The offline form is also customizable according to the needs. Fields can be placed in order for the clients requests. As a result it increases credibility and customers feels the value for themselves shown by a company.
  • Chat Transcript – There are three ways to set chat transcript delivery in an account. One is ‘company level’ where organization can get visit records. ‘Department level’ where messages and emails are indicated at the division level to get records of talks which are directed to the office. Lastly, ‘Operative level’ where it permits specialists to get their own records.  User can get talk records in two arrangements, one in plain text and other in HTML format.
  • File Transfer- This particular feature is pretty much self-explanatory, as it transfers files. If a client need to make a record then they can do it by drag and drop option which is the simplest way to do. Clients can download any important document and use it later on. Files can be downloaded, managed and used later. The file manager transfer, manage and record documents for the benefit of both the company and their customers.
  • Chat Widget – This feature creates embedded pop-up chat windows which allows the customers to surf through the pages of the websites while chatting with the executives of the company. The chat widget window is customizable with resizing and position shifting options. Customizable pre-chats and offline forms are available. Themes and colors are customizable. File transfer window Is also present along with chat transcript. Clients can also send screenshots. So the example of chat widget for car dealer website is realistically possible.

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Frankentext is offering too many solutions and benefits with live chat tech. This is only possible due to the integration of the live chat features which makes the technology or software robust in terms of functionality. The sales and customer service gets better with the installation of Frankentext. So hurry up and wait no more. Grow your businesses rapidly and give your customers a more convenient way to reach out to your company. Websites and apps are dominating the world of internet.

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